Saishocon 2017

Sylvania, Ohio

Date Pending...


Plans for SaishoCon 2017

We are currently working on the date and location. Once we have this confirmed we will repost all of the other information. Thank you for your patience.

What is this?

  • Saisho con is a eight hour anime and comics convention.
  • It is a chance for people who are interested in anime, comics, gaming, and sci-fi to get together with others who are interested in the same topics.

Who is this for?

  • The primary audience is students in grades five through twelve and their parents.
  • We also welcome chibis (smaller children, ages 0-fifth grade... and yes, we have seen babies dressed up in costume) college students, and anyone who is a kid at heart.

When is it?

  • We are currently working on this...

Where is it?

  • We are currently working on this...

What will I do for eight hours?

  • Activities at saishocon and anime conventions in general include
    • Panels (one hour sessions on a variety of topics such as drawing, history, costuming, and more)
    • Meet people who share your interests
    • Meet professional cosplayers (people who dress up in cosplay)
    • Walk around sharing your cosplay if you have one and admiring or taking pictures of other people's cosplay
    • Play games
    • Dance
    • Learn a lot
    • Have a lot of fun

What is cosplay?

  • Cosplay is short for "costume-play"
  • It is where you dress up as a character from a TV show, anime, video game, movie, or any other recognizable icon
  • Some people even act in character

Do I need to cosplay?

  • No, cosplay is optional, but you get a free pin at the door if you do.

Does a Halloween costume count as a cosplay?

  • It can and it is a good place to start, but people who are really into cosplay can spend dozens of hours creating their cosplay
  • Cosplay is not trick-or-treating, do not confuse the two
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