Saishocon 2017

Sylvania, Ohio

Date Pending...



Once we have the date and location confirmed we will post the volunteer form. We anticipate needing additional help with planning ands advertsing this year.


We need your help staffing Saisho Con. There are multiple positions that you can help out with to make sure that this convention runs smoothly for everyone.

Jobs - The Day of the Con

Please read the following job descriptions before proceeding to fill out the form linked at the bottom of the page.

Registration – You will be responsible for signing in guests. This includes checking in anyone who registered online, and registering people at the door. You will give badges, lanyards, and booklets to each paid attendee, then direct anyone in cosplay to the prop-check location.

Coat Room – You will be responsible for collecting attendees coats and other possessions that they wish to be stored and putting them in the correct location. When the attendee returns for their belongings, check to be sure you are giving them the correct objects.

Panel Room Monitor – You will sit in rooms where panelists are presenting. Assist the panelists with whatever they may need assistance with. Keep track of time, give warnings when panelists have ten minutes and five minutes left, then when the panel is over. Do not allow attendees into the room until the next panelist is finished setting up.

Concessions – You will be responsible for serving concessions to the attendees, as well as collecting their money and storing it correctly in the cash box.

Hall Monitor – You will walk the halls to provide directions and assistance to any attendee that seems lost or in need of help. If any other staff member needs help, such as with cleanup or guest management, you will help them with that task.

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